A Strange and Excellent Book

There is one book in particular that has been found splayed open on the bathroom floor, over and over. It is this:


Well, today I finally broke down and read it. And it was excellent.

It's definitely something that will have to be read aloud for the younger set. Half of it is typeset narration about Darwin, and the rest is a series of excerpts from his journals, reproduced (sort of) in cursive, which might be tough for the small who can read, to read.

But there is something so very lovely in its tone: musing and thoughtful and awed. It grapples with science and religion and the difficulty of doing something your family doesn't approve of. I would read it alound to just about anyone who would listen if I could—partly because older kids might shy away from its picture book look. But it's wonderful, and interesting, and if you have a science minded bug-collecting sort of kid, you ought to run out and buy it right away, I think.

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