Half-Baked Theories: Your True Age

Speaking of age, I have been blogging so long that I don't really know what I've posted at this point, and a search only turns up so much. My fear is that I have posted this theory before, as it is one that is central to my half-baked view of the world. If I have, let's just hope I have acquired NEW and USEFUL insight into the human condition (ahem).

OK, so I have this theory that every person has one age that most, well, typifies that person. I don't mean the age at which you "peaked" (with any luck, our lives are not that linear). I mean, some essential part of you was always meant to be, say, 9 or 17, or 43, or 60. It might be something of a maturity thing, but then again it might not. I apologize for the vagueness of all this, but I just mean: it's the age that echoes for you.

I'll start. For me, I believe, it's 10. Something about 10-year-olds strikes such a resounding chord in me that I feel it must have to do with my being essentially 10 inside. And when I write, or at least when I write well, I feel that I am in some way connecting with that true core of myself, and channeling that strange moment when I made sense to myself, the most sense to myself I might ever make.

OK: how crazy do I sound? And what is your true age?

9 thoughts on “Half-Baked Theories: Your True Age

  1. 43 or 16. I guess, for me, at 16 I felt fully formed. That while life would present challenges, I had the basic skills and gravitas to navigate it. At 43 I felt truly me, satisfied with who and what I was.


  2. 17. I think I have always been 17. Actually, when people ask me how old I am (rare as that is, nowadays), my initial impulse is still to say “17.” (The answer is 35.)


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