The Library as Soul Restorative

We're going to take a moment to appreciate the excellence that is the Brooklyn Public Library (and, by extension, is really any public library). 

I was feeling cranky and hot. It's just my way. We were walking by the main branch, and Strider said, "Hey, should we maybe get a movie for tonight?"

"I can't," I said, in maybe not the nicest tone available. "I want to sit."

"Fine," say Aragorn and Chestnut. "We'll go in. You wait out here."

I sat on the low wall, by the foot fountains. I was sour. Hot. Bilious. But then—you guys, I was at the library! Here is what just happened to be next to me, at the library.

2014-08-09 17.39.49

Do you see how happy they are? Each with her respective book? And the daughter has a rainbow snowcone!

Not pictured: the group of Black Panthers (I think, young black men all dressed in black with black berets and a sense of great intensity and intention) (I tried, but my picture didn't come out). They were—of course!—also using the library.

Also not pictured: Every other kind of person in Brooklyn, also using the library.

And then, there are the aforementioned foot fountains. Like so:

2014-08-09 17.46.12

Do you have any idea of how awesome you can feel? No? Then try this, while observing a happy mother and daughter reading together. Notice every conceivable kind of Brooklyn person milling around the library, going in and out, with a crazy and unpredictable selection of books.

2014-08-09 17.46.15

Then go home (slowly, and in the shade, after drying off your foot, perhaps on a cotton skirt). Relax in the living room while Aragorn makes pizza on the grill. Read and read and read. Watch The Red Shoes. Remember that humanity can be very, very bad, but also sometimes OK. Repeat as necessary.

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