We Recommend: 6-Year-Old Boy Read-Aloud

Ah, yes, it's We Recommend, where you write in with your near and dear one's favorite books, likes, loves, hates, and we try to find the right book for her! Or him! Have someone who needs a recommendation? E-mail us at thediamondinthewindow (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll do our best to find something. But the secret is: all the best suggestions are in the comments.

Prepare! Repent!

Or maybe don't repent, but do prepare for the cockles of your heart to be warmed, your estimation of humankind raised a notch, and your bitterness dissipated (at least for a moment). Onward!

I am very happy to be the new step-mom of a newly 6 year-old boy (who is wonderful).  We read stories every night at bed time (every night he is with me and my husband, which is a little less than half the time).  He is in kindergarten and learning to read, but not yet confident about it at all.  I have been thinking that I would like to start reading chapter books to him at bed time, in part to fuel his interest in reading on his own.  He loves animals, legos, and angry birds.  He has a great memory for story details.  He has a sweet heart, a great sense of humor, and a bit of a mischievous streak.  And he gets scared pretty easily (and does not like it).  As I am new to the (step-)parenting gig and was never a 6 year-old boy myself, I'm a bit at sea about where to start.  Any ideas?  

Let's see: sweet heart? Humor? Mischievous? And six years old? Friends, I will go to my tried and true, my one great love, my silliness source, behold!


It's so sweet and ridiculous! I very much hope that this young man will enjoy it. But there are so many great read alouds for this age. Poetry is awesome, oh my goodness, Winnie the Pooh is perfect! It's as though every great children's book ever written was written to be read aloud to a sweet 6-year-old boy at bedtime.

But don't take my word for it. (Have you ever? I don't think so.) Opine! Into the comments with you, and let's hear some more ideas, so they have a tidy stack.

9 thoughts on “We Recommend: 6-Year-Old Boy Read-Aloud

  1. Wow sounds exciting and limitless. For my kids we would go to the library and pick out a book for me to read to them. A favorite was Wind in the Willows. Our library had a chapter copy but fully illustrated. This is nice in our school austem they work on predictions and using context cues like photos so it was nice from that perspective. A great series of chapter books he could read earlier is the Mercy Watson series. Great stories and has that humor and mischievous story line too. And the kids are reading chapter books but easier. And again illustrations to spur discussion. Enjoy!


  2. I would recommend the Stuart Little books, the Beverly Cleary Mouse books and just about anything by Roald Dahl. My kids particularly loved Fantastic Mr. Fox and James and the Giant Peach. Although my oldest was a little scared of the rhino in James.
    My five year old and I are reading Bunnicula. She is loving it and isn’t scared, but my oldest was scared when we read it. I don’t see anything scary, but you know kids…
    There’s also Hank the Cowdog. Those are fun and fluffy.


  3. I recommend TALES OF MY FATHER’S DRAGON by Ruth Stiles Gannett. There are 3 chapter books, but you can get them in a single volume. They are wonderful! Adventurous but not scary. My son received them as a gift and after we read them aloud, he read them himself at least a dozen times.


  4. I am currently reading The Magic Treehouse series with my kindergarten boy, and they have just the right mix of magic and adventure–and there are almost 50 of them, so you’re set for ages.


  5. I have to do it: Captain Underpants. We still quote that book sometimes and now my 6 year old boy is ELEVEN. But Mrs. Pigglewiggle is brilliant. All my kids loved it! And there is always Beverly Cleary: Henry and Ribsy, etc.


  6. I have to suggest the Dorothy Edwards series about My Naughty Little Sister. The stories can stand alone so there is no problem if he falls asleep and misses the end of one. The stories are rather innocent but amusing and, best of all, they are a joy to read aloud. Imagine your great aunt telling stories about how truly naughty your grandmother was as a child. And don`t let anyone tell you they are GIRL BOOKS!


  7. Wolf Story by William Mccleery – it’s about a dad telling a story to his five year old son – their everyday adventures and the ever more ridiculous story. Just right length chapters for 6 year olds. It was one of my sons favorites. But yes on My Father’s Dragon and Mrs. Pigglewiggle too.


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