Tidings of Great Joy, From HannukaLand

I don't mean to toot my own horn…except that I TOTALLY mean to toot my own horn, because I have done it, that which I thought I could no longer do: I have purcahsed from my teenage daughters two (2) books that they actually read and like.

I still got it, baby! (For this week anyway.)

For Diana, I went with this:


It's got it all! Humor! Shakespeare! Humor! Feminism! Humor! She has been bringing it with her to various holiday gatherings, either hunkering down to read or offering other guests the option of playing through. Our favorite ending so far is when Hamlet Sr. becomes a ghost marine biologist. Lo, there is happiness!

For Chestnut, we went with this:


And not only have I been fielding really weird questions ("what is palladium?") but also she has brought it to school, where her excellent friend attempted to steal it during lunch. It's the thinking 8th grader's version of the Guiness Book of World Records. It is excellent to browse, to envision the craziness of the universe, and to stump your parents.

Ah, the sweet taste of success!

What does it mean that both books are the offspring of web comics? I have no idea, I am just happy.

No doubt, it's too late for all or most of you to get these, but if you can bear it, there's nothing like a little day-before-Christmas trip to your local bookstore to let you buy book presents, along with a whole bunch of books for yourself, in preparation for open fires, Jack Frost, etc. Here's to books people like to read! Here's to sitting on the couch next to warm people who read aloud to you! Here's to winter vacation! Here's to you, excellent readers: have wonderful holidays!

3 thoughts on “Tidings of Great Joy, From HannukaLand

  1. You know- our household would probably enjoy both those books (neither which had I heard of). I am going to check them out. Thanks.


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