I'm sick. Sick like grownups don't, and shouldn't, get, complete with fever, pathetic whining, texting Chestnut to bring me Tylenol, etc.

Here's the weird thing: the moment my temperature broke 101, I wanted to read one thing and one thing only:


Why? What power do Ms. Beck and Massman wield over me? Have they even written anything else? The Internet informs me that they've also written Fling, which is no doubt just as good at getting a person through a fever.

But what is the situation? Why am I like this? What is it about fevers that makes me want to read 80s trash? (My friend's favorite description from the book: "He had the latest haircut, cropped short on top, yet sensuously long in back.")

I like to think of Beck and Massman as best friends, having an awesome time writing their book (more sex! More Versace! More rhinestones!). But I am grateful to them for getting me through this stupid illness, which I hope will vanish soon, taking all 80s novels with it till next time.

Am I alone in this? What trash do you guys read when you're at your lowest?

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