Stop, THIEF!

Age: 13

Alias: Goes by "Chestnut" "kid" and "hey, you"

Height: taller than her mother (to her everlasting glee)

Weight: who knows?

Distinguishing marks: Devilish grin

Last known whereabouts: school

M.O.: Spies a person reading a book, waits until aforementioned reader is called to do essential work (stir the potatoes, etc), absconds with both book and, occasionally, reading spot (chair, couch, etc.) as well

Warnings: Not armed, not dangerous, but…persistent, and disturbingly unapologetic

Crimes committed: Too numerous to detail here, but include theft of MULTIPLE Terry Pratchett books, newspapers (at breakfast! WHILE someone is reading it!), Kate Atkinson books, any and all periodicals

BEWARE. Hold onto your books. Don't move from your place on the couch. She roams in the early evening. 

You have been warned.

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