If You’ve Been Looking for a Punch in the Gut…

Perhaps you'll consider reading The Swerve? I haven't finished it yet, but it's extremely interesting thus far. There are so many things I don't know in this world, and this book is a comforting reminder of that: of all the things there are to learn.

This, however, is not so comforting, but it is bracing:

"The pattern of dreaming and deferral and compromise is an altogether familiar: it is the epitome of a failed life."

Oof. But this book is so, so good.

Also so good? The new Mad Max movie. But that's another post.

2 thoughts on “If You’ve Been Looking for a Punch in the Gut…

  1. I started to read The Swerve and like I do all nonfiction, set it aside and the time got away from me. I guess I should go back to it, right? As for Mad Max, all the people whose opinions I love and share have exclaimed over its greatness, but I just — I don’t know — can’t. I did watch the opening five minutes with broken 3-4 glasses, but that’s another post, too.


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