Shade? Truth? Character? The REAL Truth About Greek Gods and The Just City

For Diana's birthday we got her The Just City, because she so loved Tooth & Claw, and she's a mythology buff, and—well, it just seemed like a good bet.

Since her birthday (April), it has wended its way through the family, until it finally landed in my hands this past week, and I read these lines.

OK, wait: before I get to them, I have to say that it's a novel about the attempt to bring the ideals of Plato's Republic to life, and that both Apollo and Athena are characters. 

Near the beginning, there is a scene between Apollo and Athena, in which they are trying to decide the right place to conduct this experiment (and Apollo's personal experiment in becoming temporarily human). Apollo is speaking:

"Look, if you're about to suggest I go to some high-tech hellhole where they've never heard of me because it'll be a 'learning experience,' forget it. That's not what I want at all. I am Apollo. I am important." I pouted. "Besides, if they think the gods are forgotten, why are they writing about us? Have you read those books? There's nothing more clichéd. Nothing."

I know this is the wrong, small, gossipy way in which to read fiction, but…is Apollo dissing the Percy Jackson novels here? What do you think?

Also: to the wonderful reader who recommended Rosanna Lippi, thank you forever. That was a wonderful book.

2 thoughts on “Shade? Truth? Character? The REAL Truth About Greek Gods and The Just City

  1. Oh my goodness, The Just City! If she likes she will be so happy to know that The Philosopher Kings (book 2) comes out TODAY! 🙂


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