Hooray! There Is a Strange New Novel for You to Read!

I have long (long) been a fan of The Comics Curmudgeon, ever since I read this terrifying commentary on an Archie comic (go to the bottom for the horror). And what joy there was when it turned out Josh Fruhlinger (aka, you know, the curmudgeon) was writing a novel.

Full disclosure: 1) he sent me his novel free (after I asked for it)! 2) I once got an honorable mention in his comments of the week, and have been coasting on that glory ever since. 

Anyway, this post is to alert you to the existence of his now-just-coming-out book. His writing is dependably funny and despairing and ironic and super-smart and humane. I read his blog every day and am (maybe?) a better person for it. Or least, and more consistently amused person for it, than I would be otherwise.

If you live in Los Angeles, you can go to his book launch and feel very cool. Or at least, somewhat cool. You can also (I think?) order copies of the book on that store's facebook page? Or something?

The novel concerns an opinion-influencing company (did you see Slings & Arrows? Season 2? Did you weep at its genius? If so, you will love this) and love of trains and subways and newspaper comic strips and and and…oh, just go order it and read it and enjoy it!

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