Entirely Self-Serving Question for My Readers

So here's the thing: I am working on a novel. Really, I am working on two novels, one for kids (middle grade), and one for grownups (uh, grownups).

And I need your help, because now I am doing the scary/terrible/exciting part of sending it out to the Larger World and I am writing a letter to accompany it on its arduous journey. For this letter, I need (or so say the sages) to include "comp titles" aka books which will help the recipient of the letter understand its intended audience.

So: this middle grade book is a somewhat scary book about a haunted doll, girls, friendship, and witches, a sort of part-realistic contemporary novel, part scary story. And it would appeal to readers of…what?

If I were going to go old school, I would say it dreams of being the unholy child of Lois Duncan and Judy Blume. But I think that might, you know, date me a bit.

Do you guys know a book like this? If you do, will you tell me in the comments? Because, after all, I should probably read it.


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