You Can Buy a Book! That’s Cool and Funny!

Maybe you saw the post I wrote on the new novel, The Enthusiast, by Josh Fruhlinger aka The Comics Curmudgeon? (Wow, that was a lot of hyperlinks.) Well here is excellent news: you can purchase this novel, which is smart and interesting and alternately (or simultaneously?) acerbic and satirical and joyful, particularly if you are partial to old soap opera comic strips and 70s glam. Also maybe trains? Yeah, trains. Oh, and lots of other funny knowing things.

Here is how you buy it: go here or type this in Which also gives you chance to read the first chapter and decide for yourself.

As noted before: I got the novel FREE because I am so fancy, so bear that in mind if you must, but know also that I have been reading and loving his blog for oh so long, because of that excellent balance of true affection and deep mocking it offers, and it has brought me much joy. He's a terrific and funny writer.

Whatever you are reading these days, I wish for much happy reading and deep serenity to come your way this season.


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