Hmmm. A Question for Me and for You

Here's what I am thinking about doing: posting a novel I wrote, a novel for kids, chapter-by-chapter on this here blog.


  1. Why not?
  2. At least someone will read it
  3. Its strange time frame won't work for much longer
  4. It's scary, and one should generally try do to scary things


  1. It's scary
  2. It's self-promoting, which is something I am uncomfortable with
  3. It's a book for kids, and kids don't really read this blog. Grownups do.
  4. Why?

The truth is, I am probably going to do it, unless I know or learn something to the contrary in near future. I think I will start tomorrow, in fact. I will try to be technologically savvy, and make it possible to read it in order in case people skip a week or something. I will maybe even change the way the blog looks in its honor (Chestnut gave me the chilling news that this design is extremely reminiscent of the ELA testing site—shudder.

If anyone here (or somewhere else for that matter) know of some reason this step should not take place, speak now, or forever hold your peace.

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