Reading and Learning

A few bloggy things:

1) Chestnut is going to be posting reviews here soon, so that's something to look forward to. She is, as are so many 15-year-olds, a merciless critic, uncompromising and astute.

2) What even is this blog? Well, I've been asking myself that very question. And one of the things it is came from talking to my mother just now about managing our frustration and horror at the current political situation, who said "You have to find somewhere—for me it's the zoo [where she volunteers]—when I walked in today, my blood pressure and tension just dropped." I think for me that place has always been reading, and I am going to redouble my efforts to find books that take me to another place, so I can lose—at least for a while—this constant sense of frustration and anxiety.

Reading to me is in some ways an escape, but it's also a return, really, to a place where the things I believe in live, where I can grapple and question and experience big questions of morality and responsibility and everything that is giving me such stress these days. Oh how I love it.

Here's something I read recently:


Full disclosure: I found out about this because my agent (shh, we're trying not to jinx anything) represents this writer, and as part of my self-serving due diligence, during which I read a lot of novels, I read this. So I am somewhat biased. But—it was terrific, gripping and dark and funny. I love a civilian type detective.

I will try to pass along any books I read that give me (kids books too, keep 'em coming!), for one blessed moment, relief from myself and the ongoing anxiety the threat of fascism has thrust me into. Do the same, my readers, and we can all help each other along, through this. Because that's how we're going to get through this: together. And reading.

4 thoughts on “Reading and Learning

  1. Thank you. Last weekend (despite the HUGE piles of work sitting, literally, at my feet) I downloaded romance novels and read two of them. Stupid, juvenile, etc., etc., etc. I needed to escape. So yeah. I am totally with you.


  2. I have been reading romance novels and children’s books (YA and mysteries have been too fraught for me even). Really liked The Inquisitor’s Tale that just got Newbery Honor (could not read the other Honor- Wolf Hollow- again, just too sad for these times). Yours in escapism…


  3. I have been reading mostly YA fantasy novels, I need fluffy escape books. I really enjoyed Seraphina by Rachel Hartman.
    I loved The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman, which is about a library situated between alternate worlds. The job of the librarians is to collect books from the different worlds. Some of the worlds have vampires, werewolves and fae, these are the ones that tend towards chaos, other worlds are more like ours with science rather than magic. I needed to read a book with the line: And then the alligators attacked! (Going from memory here, that might not be exact).


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