Books for You, for Your Kid, for Everyone!

I know what I want—to start reading and feel the book surge under me like a wave. And here's the thing: that has a lot to do with the beginning of a book. I mean, sure, I want the end to be excellent too—who doesn't? But if I've been caught in the beginning, I'll stick around. I say this because I just finished this:


It was…great at the beginning. She's good, she really is, and it swept me up and made me want to go back to it when I went away. It made me gasp when things went awry (as they do). I am left, though, somewhat unsatisfied. But that's OK, I think, because at least it took me somewhere. And if I have a bone to pick (as I do) with a certain tough-guy vibe that infects too many detective novels, that's something I will have to manage. But I would recommend it. Heck, I AM recommending it.

Also! Chestnut had to read this for school:


I know everyone is all 1984 right now, and for good reason, but this book is so awesome, and you will have such excellent conversations with your 6th through 11th grader (does that sounds about right?) about power, human nature, politics, and all those terrifying yet essential things. So worth it.

AND, here is what I am most excited about:


Do you know a kid who's obsessed with cooking? A kid who's maybe from 4th to 8th grade? Who's ready to read the most wonderful and excellent book? This was written by someone in my writing group, and I have loved it from the very first time I read it, and now it is coming out into the world (or at least it is soon). And when it is well and truly published, instead of just about to be published, I will write a longer post. But for now, you can go to the goodreads giveaway thing and try to win it, and just get ready, because…it's going to be something you love.

Go get yourself a book! Reading is freedom. Relish it. 


2 thoughts on “Books for You, for Your Kid, for Everyone!

  1. I’m buying that spaghetti book when it comes out even though I don’t have anyone in the age group to read it. As you know, I am decidedly NOT a YA reader, but it looks great and I totally trust you, Diamond.


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