A Beautiful Thing to Do

The world always has its share of pain and sorrow, that's for sure, and sometimes it feels like too much for any of us to bear. 

Here's one thing I did that reminded me that this is not the only thing that is true. See, Aragorn, son of Arathorn, aka Strider, etc etc, has been after me to go see the James Turrell exhibit at MOMA PS1. "It's a hole in the ceiling of a room, and it's really cool." I did not find this a convincing argument.

"No really, it's all these colors, it's amazing," was compelling, but confusing. And then "It goes on at sunset, and then the museum closes at 6, so you have to go soon because the sun is setting later and later." Ah, the element of immediate need! That, plus school vacation, plus cousins in town and a freakish 70-degree February day (oh, poor World, I am sorry for what we've done to you), and I made it there.

And O! At the risk—no, the certainty—of sounding like an unendurable dipshit, I must say, "Art is so beautiful!" But…it really is. I am so grateful that people create it. And that nut jobs (I assume) like James Turrell go through all the work of making it.

If you're in NYC, sunset is around 5:40 right now. You have a few more weeks, maybe, to go see this amazing thing before it goes back to being a hole in the ceiling. Go.

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