We Recommend: Books for a Kid Who Wants to Stop Global Warming

It’s We Recommend! In which we post a request that's been sent to us, and do our best to get that person the right book. Know a kid who needs a book to read? Send us (thediamondinthewindow (at) gmail (dot) com) his or her likes, dislikes, favorites, quirks, and any other reading information that might be helpful, and we will think on it, and pose it to our oh-so-helpful readers. And look in the comments—all the best recommendations are there.

Here's how it went: I wandered, bravely, onto Facebook, scared of what might await me there, and what I found was a lovely post from a friend saying this:

I am looking for book recommendations for my 9 year old. He wants books that have suggestions for things kids can do to help fight global warming. Whatcha got??

Well, first of all, I do appreciate this kid's desire. Because honestly, we all want to do something that will make a difference. It helps to feel like you can effect change. And I am all for stopping global warming. And he doesn't want to read a story, here—he wants to go out and, you know, stop global warming. DO THINGS.

So what to recommend? I am going to put this out there, because I loved it OH SO MUCH when I was a kid, and think it holds up:


Plus, it comes every month! And it does, indeed, tell you what to do to stop global warming.

But I have a feeling someone, somewhere, somehow, will know a better book, with more things you can do. I mean, I know there is a kids version of An Inconvenient Truth out there somewhere, but is it good? Help me, librarians and avid readers! Put your suggestions in the comments, if you would.

3 thoughts on “We Recommend: Books for a Kid Who Wants to Stop Global Warming

  1. Yeah- I think Ranger Rick is spot on. Was a real favorite at our house. Their have been some eco-conscious fiction books at our house, but not focusing on what a kid can do.


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