When Is a Library Not a Library?

This may not seem true, but I try—I really do—to curb my reflexive reaction of "No!" to all change. I remind myself that change is inevitable. That without change there is no growth. That just because something is new, doesn't make it bad. Perhaps, I allow, I can get used to something new!

And yet, I cannot get used to this

Circuit tree

It is a…Cybrary. Didn't you know? Libraries are old hat, it's a whole new world! They're going to make people want to go to the library again. People actually said this: “When you think about bettering this thing called a library, which has been around since before 300 B.C, do you turn to the library scientists — the librarians — to create a fresh and new thing, or do you turn to people who have expertise in the areas of entertainment and attraction?”

Also this: “We are brainstorming ways to gamify the library experience and make kids — and adults — actually want to take a trip to the library.”

No, none of that is made up, it is all horribly, horribly real. So all I can think of in this moment, today, is to go to your library today and take a moment to appreciate all the people reading there, and thinking, and reading to each other. It may not be around forever, and it is such a lovely and wonderful thing.

Thanks to Kemala Karmen, who seared my eyes first with this story.

4 thoughts on “When Is a Library Not a Library?

  1. How condescending is that? “Actually want to take a trip to a library”!!!!! Has this person *been* to a library lately?!? “It’s like a sensory overload that will teach kids and get them back in the library.” “Sensory overload”!?! I don’t happen to want sensory overload in the library. (Though we do have our moments of that. But that tree-thing is awful!)


  2. When we first started the college visits about 7 years ago, my daughter nixed a college solely because it had a jamba juice in its library. As a budding librarian (and now professional librarian), she knew it was just wrong. This is just as wrong.


  3. Back from vacay and catching up on my reading…Dubious distinction, but thanks for the shoutout! I knew it would horrify you.


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