When Is a Library Not a Library?

This may not seem true, but I try—I really do—to curb my reflexive reaction of "No!" to all change. I remind myself that change is inevitable. That without change there is no growth. That just because something is new, doesn't make it bad. Perhaps, I allow, I can get used to something new!

And yet, I cannot get used to this

Circuit tree

It is a…Cybrary. Didn't you know? Libraries are old hat, it's a whole new world! They're going to make people want to go to the library again. People actually said this: “When you think about bettering this thing called a library, which has been around since before 300 B.C, do you turn to the library scientists — the librarians — to create a fresh and new thing, or do you turn to people who have expertise in the areas of entertainment and attraction?”

Also this: “We are brainstorming ways to gamify the library experience and make kids — and adults — actually want to take a trip to the library.”

No, none of that is made up, it is all horribly, horribly real. So all I can think of in this moment, today, is to go to your library today and take a moment to appreciate all the people reading there, and thinking, and reading to each other. It may not be around forever, and it is such a lovely and wonderful thing.

Thanks to Kemala Karmen, who seared my eyes first with this story.

4 thoughts on “When Is a Library Not a Library?

  1. How condescending is that? “Actually want to take a trip to a library”!!!!! Has this person *been* to a library lately?!? “It’s like a sensory overload that will teach kids and get them back in the library.” “Sensory overload”!?! I don’t happen to want sensory overload in the library. (Though we do have our moments of that. But that tree-thing is awful!)


  2. When we first started the college visits about 7 years ago, my daughter nixed a college solely because it had a jamba juice in its library. As a budding librarian (and now professional librarian), she knew it was just wrong. This is just as wrong.


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