It’s Time to Blow Your Mind With The Diamond in the Window!

I, like most people, tend to muddle along in this world doing the best that I can at any given moment, feeling frustrated and stymied and way too small in all the most essential ways. I long for greatness, but rarely (never?) get there, either in the things I create or even the things I devour.

But sometimes the curtains of fog part, and the crazy searing sun shines on something that truly astonishes me. And when this happens, I tell you guys about it.

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It is—it's crazy is what it is. And bold. And terrifying and beautiful.

Oh, what a wonderful thing to remember, that amazing new things are happening all over the place. Even when all you can see is despair or horror or indifference, someone somewhere is busily creating something that will astonish you.

Note for the faint of heart: like all fairy tales (not that this is exactly what this is, except that it sort of is?), this is deeply frightening. Read it if you can, and remember that the world is always bigger than you imagine. 

5 thoughts on “It’s Time to Blow Your Mind With The Diamond in the Window!

  1. Not like “I’m afraid to go into the kitchen because there is a monster there,” more like “Oh my god oh my god I have to put this book down for a minute and walk around the room because my heart hurts.” You have to really trust that the writer has a good heart, because you can’t see how any of this is tolerable, but then he does? Does that make as much sense as possible without being too full of spoilers?


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