That’s All She Wrote

Blogs, like all things, must one day die. Maybe even more than most things, actually. I have really enjoyed writing here, and connecting with those of you who read the posts, emailed in requests, commented. It has been a pleasure, one that came upon me unexpectedly. But now my kids are reading Joyce (not happily, alas) and Puar (I'd never heard of her either), and I am no longer reading along with them. I still love a good children's book, and it was a privilege to delve into them here. I thank any and all of you who happen by here on your way through the wilds of the internet. Thank you for making it fun, for telling me about Terry Prachett, for posing interesting questions and offering other readers your truly amazing suggestions.

I will, as they say, just leave this here.

10 thoughts on “That’s All She Wrote

  1. My heart leapt when I saw that you had a new post, then fell when I read it. I am so happy to have met you here, have learned so much by reading here and was thrilled to meet you IRL. Please stay in touch. I will miss The Diamond in the Window.


  2. Oh thank you both! I love to see your names in the comments, and Elizabeth, your blog continues to be a place I go to connect more deeply with the world. Blogs may die, but connections born of them don’t, I think.


  3. I am also sad to see you go… I always enjoyed your posts. I have older kids now too, but I will always love children’s literature. You will be missed–a lot!


  4. Thank you for creating these wonderful conversations. My kid lit companion graduates high school next month so I hear you. Wishing you good reading!


  5. Thank you, all. You are so kind and it is lovely to hear from you again, you were all what made writing this blog fun, with your amazing thoughts and books and presence, I will miss you all, too, and will just hope that there is some other way that we will all reconnect, somewhere, somehow, on some other wonderful thing.


  6. Thank you for this blog and all the lovely and thought provoking conversations it inspired. Wishing you all the best.


  7. I always enjoyed your posts and our joint efforts to recommend books. I retired last fall and got out of the habit of reading blogs and journals, so just saw this today.
    Thanks for all the good times.


  8. Belatedly reporting in to thank you for all you’ve done to recommend the perfect books in each situation. I will miss reading your blog!


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