What if I Started Writing These Again?

I didn't mean to write here again. After all, blogging is dead. The world is on fire. My bio says "I have two children" but that is no longer exactly true, because they are both over 18 now. Adults. And the URL I used to use has somehow…changed.

All of this is true, and yet….

Ideas keep occurring to me. (Not right now while I'm writing—that would be madness.) About the terrible plan in Missouri to stop letting librarians decide what books to stock—and threaten them with jail if they defy it. About a really great book I just read, The Body Lies, and why no one seems to be talking about it. About an extremely terrible book I am reading. It was published in 2008 (I can't link to it because that would be mean, I think) and everyone is drunk and wearing designer clothes and working at Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers, and it's like watching footage of the Titanic. The sentences are…very bad.

I don't think what I write here will be about kids' books anymore—or not only about kids' books. I might forego the anonymity this time, because—well, I'm not sure why, only that it seems like that might be a good idea.

I think I'm doing this. I want to hear all about your reading lives, and the great books out there. More to come, I believe.

5 thoughts on “What if I Started Writing These Again?

  1. I’m trying to get back into the swing of writing book recommendations after very hectic holidays = let’s start posting again!
    And dump the bad 2008 book – life is too short to waste it reading bleh books.


  2. Thanks for the comments, I can’t somehow reply to specific ones due to my…lack of understanding of the interface but still, good luck on getting back into the swing, and the terrible 2008 book I have already finished, and it was truly astounding in its moral hollowness. I may need to write about it anyway. It’s a relic.


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