Bookstores You Must Go to, Part 1 of 1,000,000 (I Hope)

Long-time readers (and of course, friends and family, who probably constitute the bulk of long-time readers) will remember that this blog began by chronicling the reading exploits of two excellent children, Chestnut and Diana.*

While they are still, of course, my children, they are no longer technically children: Chestnut is 18, Diana is 20. Their reading (and other) adventures have gone far beyond the abilities of this blog to approach. 

However. They still have much to offer. Case in point: did you know that there was a bookstore in Sonora, California, called Legends?

And did you know that this bookstore ALSO has an ice cream parlor as part of it? And that you can get Unicorn Milkshakes there?

And did you know that in the basement of this bookstore there is AN ENTRANCE TO A SECRET CAVE?!?!?!?



This crucial information comes courtesy of Chestnut, who has been there and tasted the milkshakes and explored the premises and bought the books, and pronounced the whole thing excellent.

The worst part? I was JUST IN SONORA and did not know of this bookstore, nor did I find out about it. Now I am on the other side of the whole dumb country. Don't let this happen to you.

Also: this seems like a feature worth repeating, right? There are lots of excellent bookstores out there. E-mail me about yours and we will go see all of them!


*Not their real names. But you knew that, didn't you?

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