A Note into the Void

It probably LOOKS like I’m not posting as the pandemic deepens into a terrifying miasma of despair. Not at all! Well, OK, I am not posting, but that is only because a very smart and capable human is revamping the blog! And the website! And other stuff maybe, like the way it connects or something! And I don’t want to ADD and ADD and ADD to all of the stuff that will have to be ported over. So I have kept mainly mum.

I can tell you that I just finished reading The Glass Hotelby Emily St. John Mandel, and it was lovely and extremely mournful. Dare I say elegiac? I do! And you can buy it here, and help support independent booksellers, which you probably want to do.

How are you? Here in New York City, life is generally pretty terrifying, but we move ahead with guarded hope. I also hope, less guardedly, that any and all who read this are well and surviving as best you all can.

I am still navigating the narrow “engaging but not too taxing or terrifying” strip of literature I can bear reading right now. But soon there will be a pretty new website/blog/”online presence,” and I hope to see you there. And by then, it is just possible the sugar snap peas currently unfurling will be producing excellent peas, and we will all be less afraid and able to see one another once again.

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