A Joy to Read, a bragging post

Here’s where I get to brag: I went to graduate school with Jessica Blau, and while I guess a bunch of other people can say that, I also got an advance copy of her forthcoming novel, Mary Jane, and I am here to tell you that it is a pure joy.

She sent me a copy in November, when things were dark and cold and very scary, but my husband snagged it and read it straight through, in one day. He is not an easy audience. Our bedroom sidetables are littered with books begun and abandoned. But with this, he was happy. The whole time he was reading it he was trying to get back to it, and, was just…happy.

I got to read it right after him, as was only fair, and I just…. Remember how it feels to read books that completely absorb you? Books that are light and delightful, books that bring you the happiness of eating ice cream on a hot day? This is such a book. And it’s especially pleasurable if you like to read about music, and records, and the 1970s, and humans. Oh, it’s so much fun.

So there you go: this is my gift to any interested readers. It’s not out until May, but you can order it now, I think? At your wonderful local bookstore, which will (I am sure) be more than happy to have the business. And then, when May comes, and it’s warmer out, and you can sit on the steps of your building, or in the park, or on a bench, and maybe even in an outdoor cafe (oh happy upcoming day, I hope!), and read this book, you will be glad.

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