Long Ago and Far Away…

For a long time I couldn’t really face posting to ye olde blog (blogge?). Life was too much for me: pandemics and wars and other great sorrows. And then when I could, I found I no longer was able to log in to my blog, which probably carries with it some kind of lesson. But I’ve worked it all out, and here I am yet again, with (speaking of long ago and far away) a We Recommend request! Here goes:

My grand-nephew Carter, 7, is a voracious reader. He’s also obsessed with Minecraft – he read his latest Minecraft book in two days. They’re looking for new books for him, and are at a loss. He’s read a few Dahl books – Matilda, I forget what else – so I suggested the rest of those. He likes adventure. He hasn’t read Stuart Little yet, so I offered that, but then drew a blank at others. Ideas? Maybe a series? Is there a modern version of Hardy Boys that’s any good and age-appropriate?

I have been out of this for so long that it’s hard for me to remember what makes sense. But I asked good old Chestnut, at home for a few short days, and they recommended this: The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates, a very fun and silly and adventurous series that they gobbled up when they were little.

But as you might remember if you’re a longtime reader of this blog, the real joy of these is in the comments, where you can offer up your own takes on what Carter might be happy reading.

Thanks in advance, and here’s hoping I somehow manage to post on the regular again.

One thought on “Long Ago and Far Away…

  1. Is your nephew open to “girly stuff”? My girls and I (now all grown up, especially me) loved The Doll People series by Ann M. Martin. It’s suspenseful and delightful, if not exactly adventurous. I am drawing a blank otherwise. I haven’t read your blog in ages, but your email signature led me to it. It is so wonderful!


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