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Long Ago and Far Away…

For a long time I couldn’t really face posting to ye olde blog (blogge?). Life was too much for me: pandemics and wars and other great sorrows. And then when I could, I found I no longer was able to log in to my blog, which probably carries with it some kind of lesson. But… More


Reading has been a bit sketchy lately for me. For the first time in a very long time, I abandoned three books in a row only 30 pages in. The books seemed somehow less than professional, like when you go into a restaurant and it smells weird and no one talks to you and you… More

A Good Thing

Well, it’s been a while! A while that for me, at least, included a truly terrible summer, and an earthquake of my life, healthwise. However, yesterday in my email I got something truly lovely: a notice that my library was no longer going to charge fines for late books. This is not (I swear) because… More

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